Superior points founded by me in the Switzerland than Japan.






I and my wife have gotten a trip to the Switzerland 5 times.
From that experiences, I found that there are some superior points than our country.
Firstly, clean power generation (e.g wind power, solar electricity).
Secondary, convenient railroad.
thirdly, use of land without waste.

Clean power generation

The Switzerland has 8,330,000 population in 2016.
And,the number of the total of hotel guests from foreign territory is 9,100,000 in 2016 first half.
It mean that the Switzerland has many tourists from foreign countries than it’s population.
And, it need electricity for over double populations of life.

Here, the world ranking site ( is presenting statistics of Generation share of the Switzerland and Japan in 2016.
According to it;

Generation share of the Switzerland is Waterpower 56.8%, Atomic energy 37.4%, Heat 1.6%, Renewable energy 2.5%.
Also, Japan is Waterpower 7.6%, Atomic energy 1.1%, Heat 81.4%, Renewable energy 4.2%.

From it , Power supply of the Switzerland is mainly Waterpower, and Japan is mainly Heat.
And, the share of Renewable energy of the Switzerland is much more than Heat.
I think It may elicit a good deal of surprise among the readers.

By the way, I found that there are many small wind-power generators on an existing mountain hydroelectric power station site.
From it, I felt greedy posture using nature.
And I admired it.


many small wind-power generators on an existing mountain hydroelectric power station site at the Zmuttgletscher in the Zermatt.




Convenient railroad.

I think that we couldn’t get the service that cooperated mutually (e.g railroad,  air transport, long-distance road transport) in Japan.
But in the Switzerland, we can get FlyRail Baggage Service and Station Check-in Service.
When we leave to destination, we can check baggage at airport of departure, and get it  at  station of destination.
Also when we return home, we can check-in at station of destination, and get it at airport in your home country.
Furthermore, A large truck (e.g. COOP, MIGROS) don’t run on highways, and get into a freight train.



A large truck gotten into a freight train.





And, relations between national railways and private railroad in the Switzerland is not conflict, but cooperative;

A great Gletscher Express is run joining with SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) , MGB (Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn) , and  RhB (Rhätische Bahn).

It will be the gift of such efforts.
CO2 discharge per population of the Switzerland is half of Japan.

CO2 discharge per population of the Switzerland is
39,050,000 tons, the 58th place of the world:

CO2 discharge per population  is 4.7 tons per person.

And Japan of it is 1,207,780,000 ton, the 5th place of the world.

CO2 discharge per population  is 9.5 tons per person.


Use of land without waste.

I think that there are some unused land where weeds grow thick in Japan.
But, I don’t find it in the Switzerland.

It is used for facilities (e.g. factory, house, store, airport, port, railroad, road), cultivation or pasturage on a slope of mountains.

The domestic animals put out to pasture (e.g. cow, pig, sheep, goat) walked around it freely and lively.
And they ate grass full of nourishment of nature.



A pig eating grass by the roadside in the Grindelwald.






A herd of cows walking a hill of grasses in the Grindelwald.






Sheep herding in a grassland of a mountain in the Zermatt.






Cows herding in a grassland near a glacier in the Zermatt.






A cow which grazes grasses near a trackage in the Kandersteg.





Cows resting at a ranch of a mountain in the Kandersteg.






A goat passing me at a ranch of a mountain in the Kandersteg.





Therefore I think that Swiss cheese is delicious.

The END.

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