My inner thoughts to mountains in English

I was born and grew up in Kyushu island in Japan; It’s near a slag heap.
And, when I was a pupil, I played a romp (ex: climbing a slag heap, getting insects on fields).
It was very happy days for me.

There’s my origin of mountaineering in it.
I love standing higher places.
So, I want to climb it.
But, I’m thinking ” It’s fun”.
For it, It’s safety and pleasant.

In my twenties, I had done mountaineering challenging my limitations.
I climbed some precipices;
In summer and fall, a big mountain stream Ichinokurasawa and Machigasawa  in Tanigawadake, a big wall Kitadake Buttress in Kitadake, Okumatashirotani and Byobuiwa in Maehodakadake.
In winter, a big mountain stream Ohrentani in Kaikomagatake, a frozen fall in Yokodake-Yatsugatake.
And, I had slip and narrow escape at a steep rocky surface in Ichinokurasawa.
And, I had falling at my practice ground Tsuzuraiwa in Okutama.
Then, I made a trouble to many people.

I understanded in that; having accidents in the mountain gave losses to himself, but also his families, colleagues, and people arround.
So, I must not twice it.

Also, There’s many Alpinist who has done great performances.
But, there are many over forty years old Alpinist who has done hard climbing lost in mountains.
So, I ask fun than hard.


  1. Not climb to snow mountains in winter.
  2. No climb rocks and streams.
  3. Consider “Is difficulty no problem?” , ” Is there danger points?”.
  4. Give top priority to safety.
  5. When expectation is bad weather, wait on safety place till the weather improves.
  6. Pay attention movements of cloud and wind
  7. When you feel thunder, stop acts soon , and flee to safety place.
  8. Need light baggage.

The END.

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